Good and faithful servant…


The corporate world can be very cruel.  I know I am not alone feeling like this.  I know you have also felt like this at some stage in your career.  Some companies give awards and the awards always seem to go to the people we all know didn’t contribute much.  The one that always seeks out the right people to mingle with.  The one who invites himself to meetings where executives will be so that they can notice him.  But work?  Oh no – other people always have to cover his behind.  He rarely contributes anything worthwhile.

The Pareto principle applies to the workplace too.  20% of the people do 80% of the work and somehow, people in the 20% category always get the employee awards and the promotions.

It’s demotivating I know.  You slave away for weeks on end to come up with a solution to a major problem in the company and nobody notices.  No pat on the back.  No hand shake.  After all, you got your pay at the end of the month, so they don’t owe you anything.  Will they even miss us when we are gone?  Will they even notice we are no longer there?  I wonder.

But yet, we don’t need their congratulations and comments.  We have somebody that is watching us every day.  In His word He said we must do everything as if we do it for Him alone.  He also said we must not get tired of doing good – in due time we will be rewarded.  He will one day give us the pat on the back and say “Good and faithful servant”.

Hold on to that.  When you feel unappreciated at work, know that God will reward you in due time.  Your efforts are not unnoticed.


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