Monthly Archives: July 2011

Be still…


It’s one of those days again.  The noise is driving me crazy.  The people are irritating me.  The situation is too much for me.  I have such a deep need for a quiet place.

I have been amazed many times in my life at how my spirit will connect with God without any interference from my brain.  Let me explain – it happened now again.  I was focused on this endless drone in my ears wishing I could just be somewhere else when I started singing the song without thinking about it.

Sometimes I just need to be still
Knowing You will
Reveal Your heart to me
And sometimes I just need to lay back
Knowing You’ll take me back
To lean against You again
Sometimes I just need to go hide
In Your bosom so wide
Take me to the place where I’ll find true love
Father, let me hold on to You, let me hold on to You
Through the song, I got the calmness I needed.  I know He is holding me.  I know He will reveal His heart to me.  I know when it all gets too much, I can lean against Him again.  With him there is true love.
Lean against God today.  Find a place to become quiet just for a minute or two, while you open your heart to hear His voice.  He will guide you through whatever you are struggling with.

An instrument in His hand


Lord make me an instrument
An instrument of worship
I lift my hands in Your name

Lord tune now this instrument
An instrument of worship
I lift my hands in Your name
I have played and sung this little chorus many times in my life.  It’s an old chorus and well-known.  I never really realized what I was singing until yesterday.
An instrument in God’s hand is not necessarily a musical instrument.  It can be anything.  Anything that will fulfill God’s purpose is an instrument in His hand.  And being the instrument is seldom easy.  It’s usually painful.  You see, we don’t understand God’s purposes.  We don’t see the big picture.  We are so absorbed in our own little worlds and our comfort that it is difficult to sacrifice ourselves to be the instrument God wants.
You could be chosen today to be an anvil.  You may be taking serious blows so that God can shape another person against you.  Painful job.
You could be used as a rake today, to clean a path for another person that will take your place.
Dirty job.
I can think of many examples.  What are you today in God’s hand?  Lift your hands and pray that you will become the instrument He wants you to be.

Pruning Time


Yesterday I realized that we hadn’t yet pruned the rose bush.  We are quite sentimental about this rose bush – it was a wedding gift.  So my husband got the shears and with our youngest daughter watching, we pruned the bush.

When we were finished, she looked at the rose bush and said: “Shame, I feel so sorry for it!”  And so the door opened for a life lesson to be given.

The rose bush still looks beautiful at a glance.  But if you look closely at the rose bush, you will see aphids in some places.  If you check the leaves closely, you will see some spots.  The rose bush is not that healthy even though we still adore its roses.  It has to be pruned and sprayed in order to look gorgeous again when spring comes.

We are like the rose bush.  We think we are beautiful and so do some other people.  We seem so spiritual after all.  Others think we are wonderful Christians.  God is not fooled.  God looks closer to the aphids of secret sin sitting somewhere in our lives.  He sees the spots on our leaves that is evidence that our characters are not so Godly after all.  We need to be pruned.

Pruning is not nice.  It’s sore.  You know you are being pruned when you are challenged on every side and you battle to keep a Christian character.  You know you are being pruned when you have to say a silent “ouch” to every sermon you hear.  You know you are being pruned when every scripture you reads speak right into your heart – no matter where you open your Bible.  You know you are being pruned when you are pleading with God for a change in your life and the only answer you get is “My grace is enough for you”.

Don’t run from the pruning.  Submit to God and allow him to change your heart so that you will be even more beautiful than before.  You will have an abundance of flowers and others will marvel at God’s character that surrounds you like a sweet aroma.