Fly away…


Some days I can cope with it.  Those irritating comments.  Irritating people.  The endless noise.  The office drone that just never fades.  Other days I just can’t.  Today is one of the latter.

I often dream I can fly.  Since I was a child I had dreams in which I could fly.  As the years progressed and maturity came, I came to realise that my flying ability in my dreams was a direct mirror of my spiritual condition.  Whenever I could fly well in my dreams, I was standing strong spiritually.  Whenever I couldn’t, I had some thinking to do.  Somewhere I was disobedient to the Lord.  Somewhere something was wrong.

I wonder how many times I stood outside the office when it all became too much, wishing I could just open my wings and fly away.  Away from all the irritating components that make up life.  How wonderful that would have been to just fly home.  If it could be anything like the experience in my dreams, it would be amazing.

In reality though, I am stuck with my feet firmly on the ground.  How sad.  Now I escape from it by putting earphones on my head.  Sweet, heavenly music can make anything better.  I pour our my frustrations on this blog or in a poem.  Eventually, through the grace of God, I can look at the person I despised five minutes ago and pity him.  He can’t help it – he doesn’t know God.  Nothing but the love of God can ever change him.  Actually he is so poor.  Pathetically poor.  What pours out of his mouth is just an indication of the huge void inside of him.

Maybe that’s why I can’t fly.  Maybe I should pray for him whenever I feel like flying away from him.


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