Praying keeps you strong…


A well know theologist came under the fire this week for the statements he made.  Some Christians country wide are upset with him.  Some agree with him.  Some are left confused.

Theology is a highly debatable subject.  There are many things in the Bible that we don’t understand and probably never will.  There are many issues that can be debated, such the issue of Melchizedek.  Who was he really?  The question got asked at our home cell this week.  If you spend a bit of time googling, you will soon realise there are a few theories and none of them can really be proved.  In the same way, people debate about whether God is real or not.  People debate about whether sin is really sin.  Whether the things listed as taboo in the Bible are still taboo today.

I am not a theologist.  I don’t know the ancient Greek and Hebrew languages.  I don’t have access to the ancient scrolls so that I can debate whether the translations were done correctly or not.  But I do have something most of these highly qualified people seem not to have.  I have experienced God.  Nobody can debate with me about my experiences and the memories thereof.  I have heard the voice of God many times.  I have had dreams many times in my life warning me of something about to happen.  I have received word for people many times.  Many times I have weeped in the presence of God Almighty.  Nobody can take that away from me.

Perhaps that is the problem with the highly qualified theologists.  They have all the knowledge about the ancient world, about the creation of God, about God but they don’t know God.  They only know about Him.

If you know God personally, you will not easily be influenced by the debates of the world about all the issues surrounding Christianity.  If you know Him and frequently spend time with Him, you will remain strong when the debate starts.  The debate that challenges what you believe.

The devil goes around like a roaring lion, looking for people he can devour.  He devours by challenging what you believe.  He devours by planting seeds of doubt in your mind.  He devours by questioning the principles you live by.  He devours by putting a subtle detour in front of you – a detour that will take you away from God.

Continue spending time with God.  Continue seeking the presence of God.  Only through that, will you survive all the questions thrown at the child of God these days.


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