God, it’s me again…


He was admitted to the hospital late afternoon with a broken arm and some minor facial injuries.  A man of 31 years of age.  Apparently he tripped over the hosepipe while running and fell.  His pain was obvious; I could see it in his face.  But not a sound came out of his mouth.  His father was next to his bedside, comforting him with soft words of encouragement while holding his hand.  You see, this man was actually a baby in the body of a man.  He was mentally handicapped.

His vocabulary was restricted to a few words, probably no more than five.  But his father knew his every need.  If he didn’t see his father, he became scared, so his father remained at his bedside right through the night.  Whenever he moved, his father got up to make sure he was as comfortable as possible amidst the pain.  The slightest sound from his mouth immediately got the father to his feet in loving attentiveness.  Never have I seen such dedication, such fatherly love.  It struck me.

The whole day I sat next to my husband’s bed, silently watching the two of them, seeing the complete and utter trust in the son’s eyes, and the complete and unconditional love in the father’s.

What would our lives be like, if we trusted God like that son trusts his father?  That son won’t go anywhere without his father.  He won’t do anything without his father at his side.  He is unaware of his shortcomings.  All he knows is that his father loves him and that he is safe as long as his father is there.

God loves us unconditionally.  He doesn’t care about our shortcomings!  All He wants is our trust.  Whenever we say His name, He too is immediately attentive, ready to comfort us, ready to guide us, smiling lovingly at us. I dare you to let go of the lie that you believe.  The lie that convinced you that you are not good enough to talk to God, that God doesn’t listen, that God doesn’t accept you.

When that son says “Pa”, his father is there.  When we say “God”, our Father is there.

Starting talking to God again.  Even if it’s just to say, Hi God, it’s me again.


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