Turning the other cheek


It sure isn’t easy to turn the other cheek. 

We want justice. 
We want what is rightfully ours. 
We want to be treated fairly. 
We want what we deserve.
We want what we have been promised.

And if we are not treated the way we want to be treated, we are fighting fit and ready for action.

“Turn the other cheek my child”. 
“Why Lord why?  It’s unfair!  Look at what they are doing! Are You just going to ignore this injustice???
Silence.  No answer.  He already spoke.  Now He waits so see what I will do.

I wish I could master the art of turning the other cheek.  It must be an art – that’s why it’s so difficult.  But God wants us to be different and this is one way to be different from the world.  We shouldn’t fight for our rights, we should just turn the other cheek.

I am battling.  Really.


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