Addicted to…


The adrenalin of writing an exam.  That’s what I am addicted to.  Crazy, I know.  Some days I moan and wonder why I got myself into this again!  Surely at my age, life should be peaceful and stress should be limited to the office boundaries.  Not me.  Oh no.  First it was a year certificate course in communication.  And you know what, I still don’t communicate that well.  Not in person anyway.  I can write brilliant reports and beautiful letters, but speaking my mind is not my favourite.  Unless I am angry and then communication is even worse.  So much for the certificate on my wall.

Then came the management diploma.  I finished that last year.  I was delighted when the results came and I realised I was done!  At last!

But alas, the end was still not in sight.  My dearest husband and I decided that we will tackle a BCom in Informatics together, so here I go again.

Tomorrow is my first exam.  Economics.  Bleh.  Really not the nicest subject.  Still, it has to be done.

I have butterflies in my tummy thinking of what lies ahead tomorrow.  I feel slightly lightheaded when I think of the exam.  I still have some serious studying to do tonight.  Instead of studying last week when I had a lot of time, I chose to knit with my Mom.  Priorities, Priorities.

So pray for me!  Pray for wisdom and insight and a serenity of mind.  I seriously need your prayers!


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