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Praying keeps you humble…


Something happened in the past week that put me in a position where I needed a lot of grace and mercy.  Surprisingly, people I didn’t know personally extended grace and mercy.  People I didn’t expect it from, extended grace and mercy.

And then there were the pharisees of modern time.  Those I expected grace and mercy from, but all I got was a judgmental finger.  Those that sit in high places, supposed to set the example, but failed miserably.  It made me think.

In the gospels, Jesus is talking to His disciples and He says these words: ‘those that have been forgiven much, will love much’.  How true.  I am so aware of how much Jesus has forgiven me.  I am so aware of how much I need Him every day of my life just to keep standing,  I am so aware of how much He loves me, the wretched sinner.  The natural outflow of this is me showing grace to others along the way.

Praying will keep you humble.  When you spent time in the presence of Almighty God, you will realise how little you have to proud of, if any.  You will be humbled by His holiness and your own imperfection.  You will be filled with His love so that you can extend a hand along life’s way, to pick up someone who has fallen without pointing a judgmental finger.  You will pray for people who needs grace and mercy rather than sit and gossip about them in a self righteous manner.  When you really spend time with God, you cannot come out the same way your went in.  Your heart will be changed and it will show in the way you treat other people.

We have been given so much grace and mercy, let’s pay it forward.  People desperately need it.  There are enough self appointed judges in this world.  Those that are willing to show grace and mercy are sadly outnumbered.


Praying keeps you standing…


Praying keeps you standing.  I had this revelation many years ago. 

I will never forget that day.  I had lunch with a good friend of mine and something was obviously troubling her.  When I asked her about it, she started crying.  Eventually, she spilled the beans.  She had sinned once again.  That specific sin that she always seem to commit – she has done it again.  She was so angry with herself.  She was supposed to be spiritually strong so how could she have done this yet again?  She felt so bad that she wanted to resign from the worship team.  She didn’t even have the courage to pray again.  She had let God down.

While I was trying to console her, God spoke through me.  I can say this with confidence, because what came out of my mouth was revelation to me too!

You cannot stand against that specific sin without God girding up your spiritual legs.  You will never be able to resist it and flee from it without God giving you strength.  You see, we think we must be perfect before we can approach God.  What utter nonsense.  God knows about that sin in your life.  He knows you battle with it.  He knows you are not perfect and you never will be.  Take it one day at a time.  Start everyday with a simple prayer and ask God to keep you standing just for that one day.  Ask Him to keep you out of temptation just for that one day.  Without Him you will never be able to keep standing.

Don’t fall for Satan’s lies.  Don’t flee the presence of God because of your imperfection.  Run into God’s presence without delay.

I have no idea who this is for today, but as I am typing, the goosebumps are running up and down my body.  I wasn’t planning to blog until late afternoon, but I had to do it NOW.  I didn’t plan this.  I didn’t think about this.  I just had to be obedient.

Whoever you are, if you need help, get help.  Email me if you need to.

Praying lifts your spirit


It has always been wonderful to me to see that God is so on time.  I have been blogging about praying for a couple of days now and we are far from finished.  Last night was one of those ‘on time’ moments.

My husband and I have our quiet time together in the evening and in the morning.  We are working through a thick book with 1000 day pieces in. I was amazed at the piece last night – it couldn’t have been more suited for the blog!  God knew I would need that piece yesterday.  I bought the book on time.  I skipped days here and there.  All right in line with God’s plan.


Phillipians 4:6-7 Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life. 

Do you need a sense of God’s wholeness?  Give it all to Him in prayer.