The cupcake


She walked onto the stage, casually eating a cupcake.  She was obviously enjoying it.  She stood in front of the mic, lip smacking on the soft creamy icing sugar.  Finally she spoke.  Short sentences, squeezed in between the sheer delight she was tasting.

“This cupcake is the freshest, fluffiest cupcake I have ever eaten”.  More lip smacking.  More sounds of sheer delight.  The audience was drooling.  “I have never tasted such creamy icing…Hmmmmm”.  A soft rumble was audible as the audience were moaning among each other about this. 

When the cupcake was finally finished, and she had licked off all her fingers, she looked the audience in the eye for the first time that night.

“Unless you eat one of these cupcakes on sale here tonight for yourself, you will never really know what this one tasted like.  You can tell others how good my cupcake was, but it will be hearsay.  It won’t be something that you experienced for yourself.  For a first hand experience and a first hand testimony, you have to eat one yourself.  And so it is with God.  You have to ‘taste’ God for yourself.  You cannot get to heaven on other people’s experiences with Him.  You will never know how amazing an intimate relationship with God is, unless you have one yourself.  Go on, taste God.  Taste Him for yourself”.

Taste and see that the LORD is good
Psalm 38:4

Have you tasted God?  Do you know Him intimately?  When last did you really experience His presence? 

Go on, taste God.

Fusion: Doxa Deo Hartbeespoort – 2011/04/17


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