It’s defined as the possessions, such as clothing and linens, that a bride assembles for her marriage.

I remember the time as a teenage girl when my dad decided it’s time for me to start collecting trousseaux.  Whenever he went to Makro, he came back with something for me.  A dinner set.  Glasses and a pitcher.  Desert sets.  Soup bowls.  You name it – he bought it.  It all went into a trousseaux chest that was in my room. Eventually the chest got full and the boxes got stored on the top shelf of my wardrobe. 

My father passed away when I was in my final year at high school.  He never got the chance to share in the joy when the trousseaux finally got unpacked. 

I moved into my first flat in 1988 and oh the joy to unpack everything!  My mother and I were amazed at how much I had collected over the years.  It was a wonderful feeling to fill my own kitchen with my own stuff.  There was very little I had to buy.  I even had linen!

Somehow over the years, the tradition of trousseaux had started to fade.  People don’t talk about it anymore.  Brides don’t have it anymore.  It’s a shame really.  There is so much joy in the collection of trousseaux.

My husband and I started talking about trousseaux to my oldest daughter.  She didn’t sound extremely enthusiastic.  My husband decided to get a chest but we haven’t had time to look for one yet.  I have no idea what happened to mine.  Now THAT is a shame, I know.  I thought maybe if I buy the first box of something, it will get her going.

She phoned me today.  Metro has a two year cellphone contract special at the moment.  Stupid, cheap phone and a low monthly premium.  But you get a washing machine and tumble dryer as part of the deal.  She is over the moon and is making plans to go there tomorrow morning.

Is that how young people these days start collecting trousseaux?  My word.  And all I wanted her to do was buy glasses so long.

Her trousseaux definitely won’t fit in a chest or her wardrobe! 


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