I’m hungry


Worship.  That is what I hunger for.

Deep worship.  Not cheap worship.

Cheap worship.  We have lots of that around.  I coined the phrase cheap worship when I got sick and tired of the attempts at worship where the band and worship leader is actually trying to entertain or impress the audience.  That’s not worship.  It’s cheap entertainment.

The audience is just as guilty of cheap worship I might add.  When you stand around criticizing the band or the worship leader in your mind, you are not part of the worship.  When you are moaning in your mind about the song they sing, you are not part of the worship. When you are snickering at how other people worship, you are not part of the worship.  In all these cases, you are in a very dangerous place.  You are in the same boat as David’s wife Michal.  She made fun of David’s worship and she was barren for the rest of her life because of it. Go read it in 2 Samuel 6.

Is your life barren?  Are you experiencing a spiritual drought?  Are you experiencing a financial drought?  When last did you worship?

Church is nice, but sometimes church is too ordered.  We have to get to the word.  We have to do this.  We have to do that.  Sometimes I rebel against all the things we have to do.  It’s not the fault of the church really.  They have to bring the word so that the babies can grow.  They have to look after the flock.  I just feel that there is a void.  I need more.

I just want to worship for a change.  That deep soaking worship where people lay around on the carpet, weeping before God.  Where people get healed.  Where people get changed.  Where our love tanks get filled.  I am hungry for worship.  And right now, my hunger is not stilled in church.

Pure unadulterated worship.

Worship in abandonment.

That is what I crave.

A throne room experience.


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