Kitchen Bugs


We first noticed them in the rice.  Not just the ordinary rice either.  They were in the Basmati rice!

Why did they choose the expensive food for their infestation?  I wonder if they first look around a pantry and then have a vote to decide where they will go?  Where did they come from anyway?

Soon we noticed more colonies around the pantry.  In the oats.  In the flour.  Until I got fed-up with these little critters in the pantry.  The were not welcome in my house.  So every thing in the pantry got unpacked and inspected.  I found how they came in!  In a packet of dried soup mix that was so badly infested, you could hear the bugs moving inside the bag if you kept quiet.  That packet was bought not so long ago, which made me angry.  I paid for these bugs!  It’s unfair!

And so is life.  We expose ourselves to innocent looking things that could not possibly pose any threat.  Or could it?  I mean, the packet of soup mix is so innocent!  It’s just soup mix!  Everybody buys it!

Did that last sentence sound familiar?  Everybody buys it!  Everybody does it!  Everybody goes there!

And so we try to justify something we know we shouldn’t be involved in.  We think we can take a quick look and go away untouched, unchanged.  We think we can pay a quick visit and go home, unscathed.  We never think about the bugs we pick up along the way.  Bugs that will now start an infestation in the pantry.  Bugs that will infiltrate our life.

Think about it this way.  If you pick up some dog pooh and immediately put it down again, you will have the smell on your hands.  Even if you didn’t really do anything.  You just picked it up and put it down.  No harm done.   Really?  Smell your fingers…

Don’t think you can dabble in sin and stay untouched.  Be careful what you expose yourself to.  You might just start an infestation.


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  1. Bugs… I hate bugs. And they always seem to be everywhere. I moved into my fabulous new home over the weekend and after I unpacked everything I found an investation of ants. Ants everywhere in everything. And yes I am all for the first do no harm but I Doomed and whacked everything in sight. Whacking the ants took more energy from me than the actual moving. I had an argument with a friend recently and I spend a lot of time in my mind whacking the ants – meaning thinking of every possible reason why she should not be a part of my life. And I wasted a lot of energy being mad and I bet she doesn't even realise that I have "ant-whacking" thoughts about her.My point: If you want to use energy use it for something worthwhile.


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