The sirens of life


The fence siren went off at 04h47 this morning.  Picture this.  I flew out of bed but got tangled in the sheets with the mongoose somewhere in between.  Eventually I just fell out of bed.  I jumped up, grabbed my glasses and my revolver and ran for the door to the garage.  I couldn’t get out of the house into the garage.  I didn’t have my keys.  I left them in the car yesterday.  Wonderful security system I know.  I ran for my daughter’s room, flung her door open and yelled for her front door keys.  The poor child jumped out of bed, nearly ran into her dressing table, turned for her desk, frantically looking for her handbag that was right in front of her.  Eventually I got the keys.  I shot out the front door and into the open garage from the outside (my husband already left for work).  Reset the siren, got my house keys and returned to the house.

Great I thought.  There goes my last hour of sleep.  Correct.  The siren started again.  And again.  And again.  And again.  Darn guinea fowl.  Yet I couldn’t just assume it was them again – it could be real danger this time, so eventually I phoned the security company to come out and check the outer fence.

I decided to make myself coffee.  And then God spoke.

How often do we ignore the sirens in life?  We know when we shouldn’t get involved with a person.  We know when we shouldn’t go into the business deal.  Our bodies frequently siren us to stop with our unhealthy lifestyle, but do we listen? Oh no.  We just ignore the siren and carry on.

Eventually, trouble comes and then we wonder why life is so unfair.

Read this scripture:
Proverbs 19:3:  People ruin their lives by their own stupidity, so why does God always get blamed?

How true.  We smoke and then think God is horribly unfair when we end up with lung disease (I stopped by the way).  We get involved with unbelievers and blame God when they just don’t want to serve God with us and treat us badly.  We enter shady business deals and cry bitterly when we end up with nothing, no money, no house, no car, just nothing.  Frequently we feel terrible for not going to church, but we just ignore it and enjoy yet another lazy Sunday.  Until trouble comes, THEN we want to start praying.

Take a few moments and think which sirens you have ignored in the last few days.  Think of the consequences if you carry on like this.

Isn’t it time to surrender?  Isn’t it time to let go of your stupidity?


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