A sigh of relief… or just a sigh…


It’s weekend.  Finally.  And what a weekend this is going to be!

Tomorrow morning, I can sleep late.  That is now if Strepies, my mongoose, approves.  If he doesn’t, he will nibble me until I wake up.  Only because he is awake.  So selfish.  If that doesn’t work, he’ll pee on me.  That always works.  For now, I will look forward to a lie-in tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow afternoon it’s off to Sun City.  Andre Rieu is here!  Finally.  I bought the tickets for the concert tomorrow night a year ago after attending the first concert.  I can’t wait.  Can you image what it sounds like if the whole Superbowl sings Sarie Marais together.  You’ll cry.  Promise.  I did.  Amazing Grace was the best.  I didn’t cry.  I sobbed.  Couldn’t help it.  I have to tell you about the people that sat behind us last year.  Racists.  Snotty remarks when Kimi came on stage.  Until she sang.  Not a dry eye in the audience.  Including the lady behind me.  From a racist to a proud South African in minutes.  “We have such wonderful talent in our country… sniff…. sniff”.  Miracles still happen!

Tomorrow night, we will see the ex street sweeper who is now a full time singer.  You see – I just told you, miracles still happen.  Go read the story:

Sunday morning we’ll attend to our souls and fill our spiritual fuel tanks at church.  Sunday night, we turn into the integrity patrol at the teen meeting.  We will jump with the children and celebrate life in Christ.

Monday, oh Monday!  It’s a long weekend!  Whoop-Whoop.

What are you planning for monday?  Make a comment and tell us.

Do you want to know what I am planning?  You won’t believe me….

Monday, I will be studying economics.  Sigh.


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  1. Oh what a lovely thought…. long weekend. Just so happens that I really wanted to move into my new place this weekend but that's not going to happen. Have to wait another week…sigh. Now I will just have to catch up on marking as my friends are going to Andre Rieu (hope they have loads of fun).


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