You and me can make a difference


I know the correct grammar is “You and I”, but the “me” was just so much smoother on the tongue when I wrote the song.  Think poetic freedom and forget the grammar.

It was a weekend at church with the focus on missionaries.  The aim was to make everybody aware that you should be a missionary just where you are.  We all tend to think missionaries are people who offer up their lives to live in some remote village in horrific conditions, all just to spread the word of God.  It’s not entirely true.  All of us were summoned with the command: “Go and make disciples”.  Which is where the song come in.  I was asked to write a song along those lines.  It came to me while I was sweating away on a treadmill.

There’s darkness all around us
But we have the light inside us
You and me can make a difference
There’s people without hope out there
We have something we could share
You and me an make a difference

Come on Christian soldiers, put your armour on
Let’s take this place for Jesus, as we’re marching on and on
He said He’ll give us every place where we will set out feet
So let’s all go together and make the enemy retreat

The end of all is drawing near
There’s many folks still caught in fear
You and me can make a difference
Let’s show the perfect love of God
To a world out there who needs the Lord
You and me can make a difference

Oh Lord hear the prayer we pray as united we stand here today
Open our eyes that we might see everything that we should be
Help us to show Your love oh Lord, to a broken, sinful, dying world
We pledge ourselves anew today, and to each other we will say…
You and me can make a difference
Copyright: Hilda Steyn 2004

Now what made me think of this?  The disasters in Japan.

I visited there in 2007 and I work very closely with several Japanese people on a daily basis.  Never have I witnessed to them.  I sat dumbstruck on Saterday and I knew that if one of them died there, his / her soul would be lost.  And I would be to blame.

What in my day to day dealing with people really has eternity value?  I asked the question in yesterday’s blog.  The question still haunts me.

I hope it will haunt you too.


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  1. Yes it is haunting… Do we ever make an impact which has eternity value? Well I think the things that our family and friends will remember until eternity passes are the things we have already forgotten thinking that it was something trivial. I have no clue whether I have made an impact on anyone… I see hundreds of kids every day and most of them won't remember me in 5years time. Thinking about this makes me sad…


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